Saturday, August 31, 2013

The MARVELous Powerpuff Girls!

The MARVELous Powerpuff Girls! Blubbles as the Invisible Girl! Blossom as Marvel Girl! And Buttercup as the winsome Wasp! This time, the Tom Cherry Challenge to Draw A Powerpuff Girl Day, I couldn't just draw one. This was done in CorelDraw in vectors using a pencil-rough I'd laid out. It was a lot of fun, again!


  1. That's a sweet drawing! I especially like Buttercup/Wasp. Nice job on a cartoonier style than you usually do!

  2. Now that's a fantastic drawing! Thanks for putting a marvelous spin on the Powerpuffs, Mike! And thanks for participating on the girls' big day! 'Nuff said!